An old school with a Big history

Our school is geographically in ‘old Newborough’ – on land originally inhabited by the Gunai Kurnai people.  The surrounding houses originally housed many of the workers involved in building the former State Electricity Commission’s famous power stations.  From the 1950s to 1970s many European migrant families moved to this area to work in the power industry, so today many of our students and staff are second and third generation migrants.

Our school participates in community events and we see ourselves as an integral part of Newborough. Many local excursions occur during the year, giving our students an opportunity to connect with their local community and develop leadership skills.

Newborough Primary School is also a learning community that opens students’ eyes to the world. We use a wide range of technology, including computers, iPads, digital cameras and interactive whiteboards. Students in our P-2 grades all work on ‘investigations’ for 6 hours per week, exploring a range of ideas from construction to communication.  The 3 -6 students complete Inquiry projects that cover the ful scope of the Australian Curriculum – from economics to social competencies. Recent examples inclue a multi-age ‘Block’ project and a travel expo.

Our teachers work together in teams to plan and deliver learning that meets all student needs. We use many assessment tools to ensure that we know exactly what each student knows how to do and what they need to learn next. We have a social skills program that helps all of our children to improve their capacity to communicate effectively with others.

The school runs a number of curriculum programs to support children to develop their skills. The programs often involve parent and community helpers and include:

Instrumental Music, Swimming, Whole School Musical, Electives, Reading Recovery,  Camps and Excursions, Senior Sport , Asian Education & Languages, Aboriginal and Torres Strait Island history, Visiting guests,  Parents as Helpers, Perceptual Motor Program,  Bridges Literacy Support, Special Theme Days.