Over the past four years Newborough Primary School has been dedicated to promoting sustainability through the Stephanie Alexander Kitchen Garden Program (SAKG).

Our Gardeners

All students participate in the SAKG program, with students alternating between kitchen and garden activities. The garden group have the responsibility to harvest any crops needed for the chefs in the kitchen that day. They are also responsible for ensuring our chickens are well looked after, collecting their eggs and ensuring they have plenty of food and water. Gardeners may also need to help out by planting some new crops, getting rid of the terrible weeds, watering the existing trees and plants, or even helping Mr Lang with keeping the gardens in top condition. Dont worry Mum and Dad, we make sure at the beginning of the year that all our students have passed our wheelbarrow driving test and have been certified with their wheelbarrow license.

 Our Chefs

While our gardeners are braving the Gippsland weather outside, our hard working chefs are cooking up a storm in the kitchen. Just like those gardeners, our chefs-in-training will be putting their ‘knife license’ skills to the test, cooking up a two course meal. There is usually a nice healthy salad on the menu, sometimes it’s a warm salad with beans and freshly grown silverbeet, other times we use the lettuce our garden students harvest and make a crisp fresh salad with a delicious dressing. While one group of chefs are responsible for the salad, another group is responsible for the bread making. Sometimes our bakers are adventurous and make delicious knot rolls, other times we have had a garlic and herb focaccia using the garlic and herbs from our very own gardens. Then of course there is the main course. Food on the menu includes nice warm soups, tastey pizzas, delicious curries andeven home made gnocci! But before our hungry gardeners arrive back in the kitchen, we need to set the table ensuring everyone has cuttlery and of course a cup for some nice cold water. Once everyone is seated our chefs need to present their creation to the class, explaining what they made, how they made it and what ingredients they used. After each group has done this and everyone is seated, its time for what everyone has been waiting for… eating time!

Rubbish Free School

Here at Newborough Primary School we are a rubbish free school. Each classroom has three buckets; a chook bucket, a worm bucket and a compost bucket. These are emptied several times a week by our Green Team. Each bucket has pictures so we know exactly which bucket to put our scraps. While there is a small classroom bin for other rubbish, we dont really fill them because we are a Nude Food School. Whats most important is that each classroom has a big recycling bin. We put all our papper that we can not re-use in these bins. The grade 5-6 students collect and empty this into our skip on a weekly basis. So as you can tell, there is not much rubbish at our school. We also eat our recess and lunch inside, so that no rubbish is taken outside. There are no bins outside, because we just wouldn’t use them. So as you can see, our school is very clean and we are all proud of how we help to keep it that way.

School Water Efficiency Program (SWEP)

Newborough Primary School is part of the SWEP. This means that we track our daily water usage, LIVE! We can get data from the past 30 minutes and weeks before hand. This is very handy because it helps up to detect any leaks we may have throughout the school. We have used this data in the past to detect and fix leaks, keeping out water usage down to an amazing 4.1L per person! We hope you are being water wise at home too.