Knowing what our children know and teaching them what they need to learn next!

We are proud of our broad and specialised curriculum.  We monitor individual students’ growth and plan to ensure that they are learning the knowledge and skills that they need to learn next.

As often as possible our students are immersed in rich, interest based investigations and reflection.   More specifically, our Investigations (P-2) and Research Projects (3-6) programs are based on  Developmental Curriculum principles – the Walker Learning Approach (WLA) in particular and culminate in some wonderful exhibitions of student learning. They also meet a range of Australian Curriculum priorities – including Literacy, Numeracy, ICT, Critical and Creative Thinking, Personal and Social Learning, Ethical behaviour, Sustainability, Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander histories and cultures and Studies of Asia.

Our teachers work hard to plan learning in literacy and numeracy that incorporates our school’s vision for powerful learning.  A number of our teachers participated in mathematics specialist training in 2013 and 2014 and continue to support teacher to plan instruction that includes concrete mathematical operations.  We also have a mathematics instructional coach in 2016 and 2017 who is providing some very technical advice to our teachers.

Writing is taught using the highly effective VCOP approach – including explicit teaching of vocabulary, connetors, openers and punctuation.

 In addition to this learner focused core curriculum, we run a number of high quality specialist programs that ensure our students remain engaged and develop a wide range of knowledge and skills.  Our specialist programs include:


Mrs Massey has taught art at our school for many years and students experiment with a wide range of mediums to express themselves as artists.  Each year the school hosts a free Art Show featuring the work of all of our students.

Physical Education and Sport

We are a healthy school and our students learn a very wide range of sporting skills from swimming to skipping, from shotput to hockey.  Our grounds include two full sized basketball/netball courts and we have an additional space for indoor games.  Mr Carter, our PE specialist, also organises a full interschool sport program for the Latrobe Valley District and each year many of our students represent our school at this level. Many of our students also play together in local sporting teams after school hours – including the Newborough Primary School Allstars Netball teams.


After securing some funding in 2012 we have been able to set up a language learning centre adjacent to our Library.  In 2017 0ur Indonesian teacher, Bu Bu Namberdar teach all of our students the basics of this very important regional language.

Stephanie Alexander Kitchen Garden Program

We are in our fourth year of this exciting pogram.  We loved the fact that so many people in our school community and beyond volunteered to be a part of our sessions and stayed to share a meal with our students.  This year all students are participating in the program and we hope that this can continue in the future.  Parent helpers are very welcome!