Newborough Primary School is small and vibrant school where everyone is considered  ‘a learner’.  We are a Positive Behaviour Support school and have four key values that we explore each week. Recently, we put this video together to support our school community to understand our values – check it out!



DSC02029Students have clear learning goals based on their interests and level of learning and staff are committed to philosophy of ‘knowing exactly what each child knows now and how to teach them what they need to learn next’.

We provide engaging, individualised and team-based learning opportunities that support all students to achieve at their full potential.Grade 3 4 VCOP

Our goal is for our students to be motivated learners who value themselves and their community  and that they develop the knowledge and skills to become successful in all of their life endeavours. Across all subjects we teach four important 21st century skills:

  • creativity & innovation
  • critical thinking & problem solving
  • communication & collaboration
  • using technology & media safely and effectively

In literacy and numeracy, art and Indonesian (and all other subjects!) our students are challenged to develop these skills and more.

If you would like to know more about our school’s unique and successful programs contact us on 51271448.